Why did my team lose in War robots

Why did my team lose in War robots?

More players left on your side as well as more reference points are blue and regardless you lose? Give us a chance to clarify why that may happen.

There are at present three approaches to procure a triumph in War robots :

1) Battle Victory: this is the point at which your group obliterates all the adversary robots and there is nobody left to battle.

2) Victory by focuses: This is the point at which your group acquires signals and holds them for a more drawn out timeframe than your rivals in this manner they come up short on tickets quicker than you do.

3) Timeout Victory: Every round endures ten minutes. On the off chance that before the finish of the round no group has a huge favorable position – the group that has more tickets remaining wins.

So regardless of whether your group had more reference points toward the finish of the amusement, the other group could have held them for a more extended timeframe to start with which influenced you to come up short on tickets first. If you don’t mind observe the ticket counters on the left and right of the clock. Walking Robots Unlimited Health provides you with huge amount of free energy.

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