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Redesign of the most popular SUV

Comparing two models: Toyota Sequoia and Honda Accord

At first glance, these two have nothing in common. These vehicles are situated into two distinct segments. However, one thing they have in common is that both models only record sales growth. Honda Accord is the most sold car in the family sedan segment. You can read more about Accord on this site:

2018 Honda Accord redesign release date

While car sales in Europe are recording a constant drop, the only segment that has a growing in trend are SUVs. This is why all the models in this category of cars passed the phase of modernization and are in better shape than ever. During several days of the test, we check how the new, fifth-generation of Toyota Sequoia – the founder of the SUV segment, is ready to fight with competition.

The new Sequoia has been designed in accordance with the current design direction Toyota – front grille and light clusters resemble the ones we saw on the new Auris

In the nineties was presented new Toyota Sequoia model. The creators of the new segment named it Recreational Active Vehicle with all-wheel drive. The second generation was launched in 2000. The third generation arrived in 2006, and behind him was two modernizations.

But the competition is well noted that this is a segment that is galloping spread, so the new models started coming one after the other. Every car manufacturer wishes to have its representative in this category, which is great for customers, but for Toyota this means a greater responsibility, as the founder of the segment.


The classic SUV

As is customary, the new models are higher than models from the previous year, so this trend held on the Toyota Sequoia. The car is longer than its predecessor by 205 mm, 30 mm wider, and the wheelbase has been increased by 100 mm. The only dimension that is reduced, it is the height. The fourth generation is 25 mm lower.

Toyota Sequoia has designed a new style of its latest models. Some like, others not, but one thing is certain – Toyota has finally decided to “courageous” design, that is more aggressive and dynamic, which is commendable. Despite the indisputable high quality, which was the previous Sequoia, was imperceptible on the street. Moreover, during the design thought and aerodynamics, and aerodynamic pressure is 0.31.

As the largest news, in relation to the third generation, we see the solution of the tailgate. Toyota is the most serious criticism of European clients realized, which is a lateral opening tailgate was not the best solution. Finally, the tailgate opens up classical (in the best equipped version electrically), and not by the Japanese side.

Sequoia Interior

The larger dimension of vehicle means extended and expanded body, and extended wheelbase, significantly affected by an increase in interior roominess. But to the delight of driver, knee room in the new Sequoia is the largest in the segment, which was not the case with the predecessor. Distance between the front and rear seat (970 mm) is now the largest in the class, a new slimmer design seatback creates even more space. Front seats have received a longer seating area and a greater ability to adjust, but most of the “profit” back of the car. Knee has more space than the Mazda CX-5, which we tested recently. The feeling of robustness increase handrails at the door, retrieved from the powerful off-road SUV Land Cruiser, a noteworthy is the ideal flat floor cars, which increases spaciousness in the legs. We can’t do anything else but to commend the possibility of adjusting the angle of the rear seat backrests.

2018 toyota interior

Interior design was initially unusual, but we quickly got used to the attractive designs – instrument panel is trimmed in leather

More space is given to the boot, which boasts the edge of the dock work height of 645 mm.

Modern forms dominate the interior, dominated by an interesting designed instrument panel. Like the exterior, someone will like, not somebody, but nobody will remain indifferent. We are after just a few kilometers accustomed and we can only commend the creativity of Japanese engineers. The instrument panel is trimmed in leather (even in the lowest Sl packer equipment), which is commendable. From the viewpoint of the driver, we did not find the slightest objection to the ergonomics and control layout.

The test car was equipped with high quality and proven 2.2 liter turbodiesel, mated to an automatic transmission with six gears and a sophisticated system of all-wheel drive AWD. The maximum aggregate power 2.2 D-CAT is 150 hp at 3,600 r / min and maximum torque of 340 Nm available in the range from 2,000 rpm to 2,800 r / min. Performance “on paper” are more than good. The engine is capable of 1,650-pound car accelerate to “hundreds” in just 10.0 seconds, a top speed of 185 km / h.

Our final conclusion is that Toyota Sequoia 2018 will be great solution for everyone who loves full-size SUVs.