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Many cases the door bell actually does work however one a few very easy pieces of the puzzle neglect or stop the whole process from occurring.

The door bell system is actually very straightforward. You have a transformer, usually found in the basement or possibly the garage. These seem like a silver box with a couple of very small wires coming off the top of it. The transformer does exactly what it sounds like it will. It transforms a greater voltage electricity into a low voltage current that the bell should run.

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The two wires that come from the transformer will run into the door bell it is self. . .or the part that actually does the ringing. Usually the white wire becomes tied to one of those screws on the door bell whereas another will get tied into another cable that extends to the door bell. The one single cable that you see running from one point to the other contains two wires inside the outer jacket. 1 cable will carry the current to the button and the other will carry it back. This means that at the door bell you’ll have to tie both wires you to each twist on the button.

So 1 screw has electricity another doesn’t. After the button is pressed the power flows throughout the button and on another wire. This will then be carried on the bell it’s self and make it ring.
If any of that made any given to you then you will realize that there really are only two parts that could go no way for this equation. . .meaning you didn’t have any other work done lately. In case you have then perhaps the cables may have been damaged at some point in the circuit.
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If you have not had some work done assess the button it’s self. Many times that the screws in which you connect the cables to will become tarnished cause of being exposed to the weather. If it happens the electricity will not flow throughout the button. To repair this take off the button and run a bit of sand paper over the connection points to take the tarnish off. Alter the button and see whether the bell is functioning. When it isn’t then most probably you’ll have to replace the transformer.

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